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It’s Episode 2 of the current season with @CTS!

Yes, it’s been a bit of a wait, with “one podcast every two weeks” going out of the window faster than [insert horribly inappropriate joke here] but anyway, it’s time!

We caught up with CTS at her lovely Dalston flat, had a beer and chatted 52 First Dates, onesies and other nonsense. 

Possibly slightly more swearing than usual, so if that offends you, listen with your ears shut. Loves!

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52 First Dates

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Series 03 Episode 01! For realsies this time.

Howdy, Harkendarv here.

Genuinely very excited to serve up this little slice of pod, starring our very good friend Nick Reyniers, him of People I Met Last Week and General Youtube Nonsense.

We talk about animating, what makes people adults, films and TV of 2012 and disabled superheros. There is nothing not to love.

We also talk a little about my and John’s sitcom, awesomely directed by Richard Madders who we will definitely get on the podcast as soon as possible, which can be seen here.

Kthnxbi, see you in 2 weeks….

OMFG it’s Series 3!

When I was a small child, I was convinced that by the year 2013, we’d have computers in our brains and jet-packs on our feet. 

But here we are and all humanity has to offer is a chain of linked computers and lots of rectangles for people on the train to stare at.

But wait! That’s not all! There is something else. A god-lovin’, no-holds-barred, better-than-ever-before Harkendarv podcast series is beginning. And this time with guests… but I’ll let this intro podcast, recorded in The Grafton in Kentish Town, do the talking below:

If you head over to our Soundcloud, there are also some Harkendarv Classix to enjoy as well.

See more of you as the New Year continues,


Hark and Darv

Episode 8: Art and Dishonesty

The Harkendarv podcast takes a ying and yang style turn today, as J.Darv looks at art and decides, conclusively, which one is the ‘best’, and P.Harken looks at the darker side of life, analysing the telling of porkies.

Check it out below, and then, like, vote, fo’ sho’.

HarkenDarv Skypecast #08 - Art and Lying by HarkenDarv

Thanks guys!

Episode 7: Youtube Comments and Drinking at Speed


Nice to meet you. So we have a very special version of the Harkendarv Podcast for you today… Firstly, it guest stars our good friend Oliver on the buttons and as occasional contributor, and secondly it was recorded in a pub. A Pubcast, if you will. I make that joke on the show, and am very proud of it.

So settle down, enjoy, and don’t forget to vote afterwards!

Harkendarv Skypecast #07 - Youtube and Downing by HarkenDarv


As you hear in the show, a little bit of drinking action takes place. You can see Paul’s here, and John’s heroic attempt here.

Oh, and here is a copypasta of the Youtube comment that Harken made that got 61 (not 67) thumbs up:

"Daddy, Daddy, did people really used to argue on Youtube?"

"Yes, son, all the time. On pretty much every video. They got really aggressive about it."


Harkerp 9 months ago 61
Week Break

We apologise for the lack of a Harkendarv this week, but the team was resting.

Normal activity will resume next week, on Saturday as per usual.

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Harkendarv x

Episode 6: Charities and Advertising!

Hey Harkens and indeed Darvs,

A new, fresh out the oven, fruity podcast of goodness is out! Listen below!

Also, if you like Harkendarv - and presumably, as you’re here, you at least kinda do - You can subscribe to our email list, and we’ll email you whenever a new one is out (that’s every Saturday, fact fans!).

HarkenDarv Skypecast #06 - Charities and Adverts by HarkenDarv

… and then do a little vote, why don’t ya!

(Oh, and as a cheeky little DVD extra, the maths that John can’t do on the show is (16*12)*5 = £960)